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Your Place or Mine?

This is a simple straight-to-the-point blog post. It’s all about location, location, location.

I love to host events in my home. I don’t have to go far and I know the territory. However, people don’t like driving all the way out to my home, especially if they plan on drinking. An event venue is the most important part of planning an event.  People want to be close to home, have lots of room, an acoustically sound environment (if it’s a concert or music event), convenient parking and they want to feel they are in a safe environment they wouldn’t mind being seen at (or checking in at on Foursquare).  Make sure your venue is pleasing to your guests, a place that makes them want to stay all night. If not, it will be a quick hi/bye for you if they even show at all.

We have great connections here at Unzipped Experience that can set you up with some of the best venues in Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma. Contact us so we can hook you up for your event.


Launch Parties Are Hot

You are so excited about your new product. It’s new, different and you want the world to know about it. How can you do that in a way that will really make an impact in your potential customer’s mind? Throw a party, of course. It can’t just be any party, it needs to be fun, fresh and memorable. Below are six reasons to throw a launch party for your new business or product.

1. Who doesn’t love a party? If it’s after work and includes free alcohol, people will come. It’s all about the fun times. If your audience is sophisticated or flirty a party can be tailored to fit your audience.

2. Your customer is right in front of you. Now that they are there in person, drinking, tell them about you and what you have to offer. They want to have a good time,s o they will listen. Just make sure to do it in a way that doesn’t look like a pitch. Make it fun and sexy. We’re in America, we love sex appeal.

3. They love you, they really love you. Your existing customers love to know other people love you too. When you have a party and you have a big turn it, you look popular. Popularity is what sells your product. If other people like you, you must have something great, right?

4. Sample your product. Let your customer see first hand what you have to offer. Let them touch it, play with it, have fun with it. Do it in a way that will keep your product in their mind once they leave. If you’re launching a new type of glue set up craft stations that let them use it. Make them feel like a kid again. If you’re launching a type of food, sample it. Anything can be tested and/or played with, even accounting software. We are really good at finding fun ways to do this.

5. Sponsors show support. Your event doesn’t have to cost much if you have partners willing to help you sponsor it. If someone believes in what you’re doing enough they may want their name associated with it. This only helps you. The more backing you have from other companies the more people will believe what you’re doing is great. The bigger the name of your sponsor the more it will increase your followers.

6. Water cooler talk is the best kind of talk. Good parties leave people talking. The next day at work people will be chatting about the fun times had at your party. Who they talked to, what you launched and possibly anything scandalous that may have happened. 😉

Just remember it’s more than just throwing a BBQ in your backyard. You must have a party that is memorable and unique. Look at how the Virgin brand throws parties. They are red carpet events that everyone wants to attend. It doesn’t matter if they’re selling airline tickets, phones or a prepaid credit card, people want to be there. I know I do. Your event is what you make it and we can help make it hot!

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